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Copper Sample Pack for Art Display Stand - Copper Stands

Copper Sample Pack for Art Display Stand - Copper Stands

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Not sure if a copper stand will work in your setting or match your colour scheme? If so, then this sample pack is the answer.

The pack contains four copper pipe samples, one in each of the colours and finishes we offer. This will give you a feel for the material and the overall look it will create.

The copper pipe samples will be approximately 70mm long. Copper is an industrial material and the ends of the samples are unfinished, so we strongly recommend that you handle them with care.

- Sample pack of 4 copper pipes, one for each of the colours and finishes we offer
- Pipes typically 70mm in length
- Available in 15mm and 22mm diameter pipes
- Uses premium materials sourced from small UK businesses wherever possible

The sample packs are available in two sizes. The colours are the same in both sizes, but we recommend you select the size most suitable the size of stand you are considering as this will give you the best chance to feel the scale of the product and envisage the end result.

When adding the item to your basket:
- Select "Table Stands 15mm" for stands suitable for A6, A5, A4 or A3 signs. These stands use a 15mm diameter pipe that compliments the scale of the stand.

- Select "Floor Stands 22mm" for stands suitable for A2 signs and larger. These large floor standing signs require a 22mm diameter pipe for stability and also to give that wow factor.

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